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rowantheexplorer: mrskcreads: phandoms-united: commongayboy: character development THIS IS THE KIND OF DEVELOPMENT I LIKE TO SEE I love his response about how he’s more informed now. “Now I’m in a higher grade, I read more books, and get more information … Continue reading

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anchovy-official: u guys gotta stop drawing girls with rippling abs if ur just gonna give them tiny noodle arms. DRAW UR WHOLE GIRL BEEFY YOU ABSOLUTE COWARDS. GIVE HER BIG STRONG ARMS AND LEGS SO SHE CAN HUG HER FRIENDS … Continue reading

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kjsama: lyricwritesprose: alleiradayne: prismatic-bell: midoriko-sama: oxfordcommaforever: han-syolo-shot-first: bubblegumsith: cosmic-noir: twowandsandadrink: ashkinator: politicalsexmaskitten: hooraychelle: yellowxperil: srsly tho this is absolutely a thing that dudes do all the f***ing time like where if he knows a girl doesn’t necessarily want to give … Continue reading

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probablybadrpgideas: matthewonart: Non-Boring Environments that need Fantasy Representation Tropical Rainforests Scrubland/Dry Forests. For extra effect make them the sort that burn very often; some native plants never germinate until after a fire, and some animals not only rely on fire … Continue reading

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lend-your-lungs-to-me: chicklette: writerlyn: I desperately want to crush the idea that your writing has to be important. You know what’s important? Having fun. Since I’ve started to embrace this, I’ve written more in a year than i had in the … Continue reading

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batalon: unsungheroine: batalon: honestly michael b jordan singlehandedly redefined the art hoe look in this sole scene of black panther an icon! a game-changer! everyone else step tf up! i think the credit should also go to Black Panther’s costume … Continue reading

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thefingerfuckingfemalefury: sociallyakwardyoutubers: crhodey: cassandrashipsit: stolenwhales: dance-hall-dyke: satan-is-salmon: psychara: onlylolgifs: X THIS IS THE BEST COMMERCIAL EVER I’ve reblogged this so many times because I truly think every parent should involve themselves with what their child enjoys.  Not to mention this … Continue reading

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iamburdened: Oh man Source: iamburdened

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ace-feminist: siberiancheesecake: beware-the-ravenstag: rednines: ghost-at-the-feast: rednines: If the purge was real we’d defend one another, burn the debt records and return the commons, not murder each other, nice try Hollywood, your Hobbesian propaganda doesn’t work on me U really think … Continue reading

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