I like how considerate Thor is. I like the fact that Thor… he was thinking about Valkyrie, he was just like, “I’ll go off and not only get a weapon. I’ll go get some clothes for her as well, to inspire her. Give her a sense of place. Help her get her identity back. She’s been running from the truth and running from her past.” He’s just given her an opportunity to embrace it, to acknowledge who she is. She’s a Valkyrie.

— Taika Waititi, Thor: Ragnarok director’s commentary

#this is THE scene #like if they went the basic route they wouldve 100% kissed right here #but for once they actually gave a shit about the female character #and i love it #like if they kissed it would make sense from thors perspective bc hes been crushing on her the whole time #but for once they gave a shit about the woman #and it wouldnt have made sense for valkyrie #shes still traumatized #but when she calls him back like ‘your majesty dont die’ #thats SO much #like that whole part is from Her perspective #the shot is over Her shoulder #like after she was so adamant about being aloof #she calls him back just bc she wanted him to know she did care!!!! #which is ALOT for her to admit #after how much she lost #like bitch im crying #thorkyrie (via @petermaximoff )

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