“You don’t have to say thank you, it’s their job.”


Why would you teach your child to be rude and ungrateful. Literally why.

Fun fact: My mom taught me to thank EVERYONE. I thank the bus driver, I thank the guy at the Taco Bell drive-through window…I THANK THE TACO BELL MACHINE THE PERSON TALKS THROUGH. The sad thing is…almost everyone I know thinks this is weird. I’ve had people look at me funny because I thank the bus driver for being there because if he wasn’t I couldn’t get home safely. My friends question me because I’m thanking Taco-Bell guy because where else am I going to get cheap, crappy, delicious food for 3 drunk ass people at 2am?

It’s called being a human being. Try it.

If someone does something, anything from doing dishes to picking up something you dropped to holding the door for you, you say thank you. They did something for you they didn’t have to so they deserve a thank you. It’s called appreciating the community you live in and the people around you.

All of this.

My dad always said ‘good manners cost nothing but are worth the world’.

good manners are social lubricant.

Also, in the specific instance of interacting with food service employees (having been one myself approximately 7 billion years ago) I see being polite as both the Right Thing To Do and a teensy bit of protection.  Just in case this particular food service person is kind of a jerk, or having a wretched day and therefore temporarily kind of a jerk, saying please and thank you protects me from spite and spit in my food.

yall are asses if ya dont thank people

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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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