I’m over here dying to have a wife and straight men are still making “marriage ruined my life” jokes. Like? Buddy? First of all that’s never been funny. Second, if you don’t want your wife I’ll take her

​if ppl joke about marriage ruining whatever… bro, you shouldn’t have gotten married and your wife deserves more.

I find myself having to ask this question constantly but as a straight dude am I allowed to reblog this because I relate so hard

Absolutely! I wrote this from a lesbian perspective but I think it’s great that there’s straight guys who can relate. Cherishing your partner should be a universal thing

corporate marketing exec: so, what are the kids into these days, eating tide pods? frogs?

me, scrolling frantically through the data: ma’am, apparently it’s “loving and cherishing your life partner of any gender”

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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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