uh guys please i beg u if u have the choice DO NOT INSTALL THE LATEST WINDOWS UPDATE theres a good chance itll destroy your pc

here’s some info on what it may do to your computer and here are some potential ways to fix it

just to date this post, the above articles are from may 23, 2018 and may 24, 2018, respectively. this is still going on, and as of these dates microsoft has not found a fix. here’s another article from may 24, 2018 that describes the problem and links to a list of ways to delay getting the update until they patch it.

sometimes old posts about bad pc updates circulate on this site months or even years after they’re defunct, THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE TIMES!!! please be careful guys, there are reports of machines being bricked by this update 😦

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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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