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proof that the idea of “if you aren’t successful by your 20s it’s already too late for you” is the biggest bullshit in the universe

I’ve spent 28 years of my life in near poverty, making some really bad decisions during my teenage and young adult years and in a constant whirlpool of things during my childhood contributing to my severe anxiety and depression. People in my life – family, people who bullied me – tried to /actively stunt me/ from making art because they were convinced I’d never make a living from it. but I just kept dedicating my time to my passion for art and polishing my knowledge and skills and making the active decision to improve myself as a person and im JUST NOW making my very first comic series that is looking like it might be successful

I’m nearly 30
let your passion for what you love pull you through the times that fucking suck, and your break will come. realize that people who are very successful at young ages either have money/privilege, or EXTREMELY lucked out. they aren’t the norm.

Reblogging for the comment at the end

Colonel Sanders didn’t reach success until 73 years old, when KFC began to pick up. His original shop even closed. Now it’s an international restaurant. Just because you aren’t successful in your 20s doesn’t mean it’s over.

🙌 I needed this right now! Thank you 💚

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