Headcanon: The reason whenever Deadpool visits the X-mansion it’s just Colossus, Yukio and Negasonic chilling out there

Is because thanks to Chris Claremont among others a good 70% of the X-men’s rogues gallery is made up of hot women in fetish wear who speak mainly in sapphic innuendo

And they are fully aware that Negasonic would 100% be a Useless Lesbian and too fuckin thirsty to battle someone like Selene or the Goblyn Queen or  Miss Sinister if they’re leaning over in their corsets and thigh highs purring about the “Seductive power of evil” and how they want to “Bend her to their will” and “Make her their loyal servant”

So whenever the X-men go off to fight these villains Negasonic chills at the mansion with her girlfriend

Colossus keeps a watchful eye on them to make sure they are safe because the only thing that happens to the X-men more frequently than them fighting lesbians in bondage gear is the X-mansion getting blown up or attacked by sentinels

It’s the only logical reason.

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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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